Random non-medical things I learnt in medical school

indI went to medical school at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and it was a rich experience for me. I passed, I failed, I was afraid, I was confident, I was broke, I won scholarships and even had to reject one, I made friends and most importantly, I learned. My learning was beyond how to diagnose acute appendicitis and leukaemia. These are some of the other things I learned that enriched my experience.


From having four-hour sessions in choking, formalin-filled dissection rooms to having to answer 2000 questions at a go in a single exam to standing for hours moving from ward to ward during endless ward rounds, you simply can’t survive medical school without endurance.

Sticking together / Team work

You cannot afford to go through medical school alone. From access to critical information to someone’s place to eat Indomie® late at night (after reading the night away) to sharing a ride to a distant posting; you definitely need people.

Consistency trumps brilliance

I’ve seen brilliant people get withdrawn from medical school and average students going through relatively unscathed. Medical school is a marathon and not a sprint.

Everything has a strategy

Blind effort doesn’t yield much. There’s a method of doing everything. I learned this first hand durin my first time in 200 level. I read but I failed and had to repeat the year. It was different from the previous year in 100 level of physics and chemistry. This time, you needed to focus your reading and look at as many past questions you can lay your hands on to study the pattern of questions. I changed strategy, I found out what I should do differently and I passed with less stress the second time.

It’s not always about reading

50% of what you need to know in life you will be taught by someone, the other 50% you will have will have to find out yourself. Sometimes the 50% you are taught at seminars and ward rounds are usually high yeild. There should be a balance between reading and listening to teachings.


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